When to Call Your Painting Contractor

Signs You Need Exterior and Interior Painting

Determining whether your house already needs a fresh coat of paint does not require you to be a professional to be able to do so. All you need to do is walk around your house and look at the paint you have on your walls. Once you start seeing the signs below, it is high time to call your most trusted exterior and interior painting contractor.

  • Your paint starts peeling.

This sign is very obvious because you will start notice uneven cracks in the paint on your walls. Areas which get the most moisture are actually where the paint will start to peel off first. Once your paint starts peeling off, your wood and walls are no longer protected by the paint’s coating. Without such protective coating, moisture can seep into your wood until it rots. If your paint starts peeling, make sure to remove all loose paint until a new layer is applied.

  • Your paint starts fading.

Areas which are exposed to the sun are those that will shoe signs of fading first. If you wipe some cloth on the faded area and a chalky substance sticks to it, this means that the surface is not protected. Once you start noticing this, immediately call the nearest exterior and interior painting contractor.

  • There is cracked caulking.

If you ever find that there are cracks in your caulking, this means that there is something wrong with the sealing in your home’s exterior painting. Be careful with water and bugs that might start to invade your place once your caulking has started to crack.

Once you start to notice these signs, do not hesitate to call the nearest exterior and interior painting contractor. Do not wait until the problem gets worse and your wood and walls get damaged.

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