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When it comes to house painting, there are some questions that are on most people’s minds. So, we, at L&N Painters, chose the most important ones you should be asking and provided their answers for you:

What colors are best and why?

For the entrance of your home and the living room, the most suitable colors are: warm red, yellow, and orange, but also earth tones like brown and beige. All of the above are supposed to stimulate conversation because their warmth easily makes you feel the connection with other people.

For the kitchen, color experts say that if you keep a lot of good memories from the kitchen of the home you grew up in, you will most likely choose the same color scheme for your grown-up one. But if there aren’t any particular colors you remember, you might want to go for red or yellow. Only be careful with the red paint if you want to lose weight, because that color stimulates appetite.

Red can be great for a formal dinning room because it will increase the appetite of your guests and provoke conversation. If you are not after that effect, yellow, beige, and nice neutrals will look great on your dinning room walls.

For the bedroom, blue, greens, and lavender are the best choices for that part of the house. They have a nice calming effect and will add to the overall relaxing feel of the bedroom. People in Franklin, WI prefer this color for their bedrooms because it does create this calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom paint colors – whites and warm colors have always been a popular choice for bathrooms. But turquoise and green are even more suitable for bathrooms that are used not only for taking a bath or a shower but also for relaxation. The thing to remember here is to not pick a color you would never wear or one that doesn’t flatter you because the color will be reflected when you look yourself in the mirror. And you want to like yourself, right?

For the home office, the key word here is productivity. You probably want to complete your work tasks faster and go and enjoy the rest of day with your kids, for example. So, experts believe that you should go for green in such situations because it make concentration easier.

Can I paint over wall covering?

Yes, you can sometimes paint over your wallpaper. You just need to make sure that there are no loose sections of wallpaper or any holes in it. In that case and also if you have patterned wallpaper, you need to do some prep work before you start the actual painting.

Does it matter what type of brush I use?

Yes, it matters because, when you use the right brush for your paint and also the project you are working on, the results will be so much better. When you need to paint the corners precisely, you should use a sash brush instead of the usual square one because its bristles are cut in a slight angle and will give you the control you are looking for. Also, better quality brushes have flagged or split ends that help to hold more paint and distribute it more evenly.

Can I paint over my vinyl siding, or do I have to take it all down?

Yes, you can, and that actually will help you save some cash. When you paint over your siding, you will not have to go over the whole annoying and more expensive replacing process. With the right paint and appealing color options, you can give your house a new look without investing in new siding.

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